Feeling under the weather

While the moods “feeling blue” and being “down in the dumps” should not be taken literally, feeling “under the weather” may hold some validity. Changes in weather can influence one’s mood, behavior and sleep patterns. According to the website PsychCentral, studies conducted in the past three decades reveal that humidity, temperature and amount of sunshine […]

Cacao shortage eats away at chocolate supply

Plain mint ice cream. Tasteless cookie dough. “Hot chocolate” that consists only of hot water and melting white marshmallows. This would be the reality of a world without chocolate. Unfortunately, according to Mars, Inc. and Barry Callebaut, two of the world’s biggest manufacturers of chocolate, an ongoing shortage of chocolate drastically increases the possibility of […]

Giving Tree grows new roots

Every year, the Family Giving Tree, an organization that provides low income families with gifts and necessities, gives students the opportunity to fulfill the wishes of the less fortunate. The school has become one of the largest contributors to the program, with no fewer than 1,000 gifts collected each year. However, this year’s tradition had […]

Powder Puff steals the field

In the final standings of the school’s Powder Puff games, seniors finished in first place and juniors finished in second place. No match for third place took place between the freshmen and sophomores. The final scores were 14-0 for the Senior-Freshman game, 8-7 for the Junior-Sophomore game and 13-0 for the Senior-Junior game. “We were […]

Igniting the space debate

On Oct. 31, the VSS Enterprise was launched in the Mojave Desert – only to explode mid-flight, resulting in one fatality out of the two members on the aircraft. Created by Virgin Galactic, a privately funded spaceflight company, the VSS Enterprise confirmed the public’s worst fear: that privatized space exploration is not viable – yet. […]