The constant struggle with doubt

Self-doubt is an unavoidable aspect of human nature that everyone must face. The moment before taking a risk, a little inner voice created by inerasable past experiences, insecurities and fears of failure speaks out. Scenarios of the situation going awry and possibilities of embarrassment begin to question success and amplify hesitancy. By letting the scared voice inside decide one’s choices, an individual allows self-doubt to define one’s power. “Playing badminton, I have realized how self doubt is embedded in the decisions I make. In the middle of a game, there is a split second where I have to decide whether to go for … Continue reading The constant struggle with doubt

Drinking your milk: growing up confident

From playing Trivia Crack to taking an AP exam, it is safe to say that most students have had moments in which they doubt their first choice and change it, only to realize that their first answer was right after all. Self-doubt exists on all levels – and this self-doubt, especially during childhood, plays a crucial role in one’s development. Self-doubt inhibits kids from learning more than any other factor. According to parenting educator Michael Grose, confident children want to learn more, actually achieve more and have more friends than do children with less confidence. They are not afraid of consequences, which encourages … Continue reading Drinking your milk: growing up confident

Falling from great heights

Self-doubt is a ubiquitous trait – no one is exempt from its grasp, not even the most successful. Unfortunately, this success is often simply a veneer of satisfaction, when under the surface lies pain and low self-confidence – success often serves as a façade for the underlying lack of self-esteem. A prime example of pressure leading to downfall is the late South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun. A humanitarian who advocated for student’s rights, Moo-hyun won the 2003 election. However, Moo-hyun faced brutal opposition and name-calling from other political parties and the media. Policies he once strongly believed in were opposed … Continue reading Falling from great heights

Top 4 ways to get involved

4. Science Club is an opportunity to get involved in the biomedical field at the school. Meetings are usually Wednesday at lunch in Alan Tan ’s, Science Department room. Through Science Club, students can enter Synopsys, a STEM competition. To prepare for the competition, students create an original experiment and a presentation displaying their discovered data. Through Synopsys, students can qualify to go to state tournaments and win prizes. 3. COSMOS is a four-week program for students between grades eight and twelve. Through this program, students work side-by-side with university researchers and faculty, exploring advanced topics that extend beyond the typical … Continue reading Top 4 ways to get involved

Top 11 date ideas in Almaden

11. Municipal Rose Garden: A San Jose city landmark, the garden features roses in bloom year-round. Visitors can stroll through the roses and relax on benches around the fountain or on the grass. 10. Elements Restaurant: Elements is a local one-of-a-kind restaurant hidden in the CVS shopping center area. Their menu is French and Vietnamese fusion with a modern twist and features organic, local and seasonal ingredients. 9. Sunset Picnic at Almaden Lake: What could be more romantic than watching the sun set over Almaden Lake together? 8. Quicksilver Park: Traverse these rolling hills with a hot date. There are … Continue reading Top 11 date ideas in Almaden

Quotebox: How has growing up in Silicon Valley affected your experiences with technology?

“With my father as a Computer Science major, I grew up with an interest in messing around with technology and doing things like reassembling custom computers, taking apart appliances like cell phones and programming computers.” – Sophomore Vincent Nguyen “Growing up in Silicon Valley has allowed me to be in contact with the production of music, directing of films and programming of mobile applications. As a DJ, I’ve also been able to connect to the DJ community of Silicon Valley.” – Freshman Johar Samrao “As a result of living in Silicon Valley, I’ve placed a lot more value on jobs … Continue reading Quotebox: How has growing up in Silicon Valley affected your experiences with technology?

New security measures aim to confront dangers at the school

Senior Kelly Huynh was returning to her car after Back to School Night when she noticed something strange: a long scratch on the side of her car, stretching from the back door toward the tail light. Her car had been keyed while she was gone, leaving her with the heavy cost of repainting and the risk of higher insurance prices if she reported the incident. Other students have also spotted instances of vandalism in the parking lot and have protested the apparent lack of action from the school. Senior Kellie Dubel reported driving past a car with one of its … Continue reading New security measures aim to confront dangers at the school