The constant struggle with doubt

Self-doubt is an unavoidable aspect of human nature that everyone must face. The moment before taking a risk, a little inner voice created by inerasable past experiences, insecurities and fears of failure speaks out. Scenarios of the situation going awry and possibilities of embarrassment begin to question success and amplify hesitancy. By letting the scared voice inside […]

Top 4 ways to get involved

4. Science Club is an opportunity to get involved in the biomedical field at the school. Meetings are usually Wednesday at lunch in Alan Tan ’s, Science Department room. Through Science Club, students can enter Synopsys, a STEM competition. To prepare for the competition, students create an original experiment and a presentation displaying their discovered data. […]

Quotebox: How has growing up in Silicon Valley affected your experiences with technology?

“With my father as a Computer Science major, I grew up with an interest in messing around with technology and doing things like reassembling custom computers, taking apart appliances like cell phones and programming computers.” – Sophomore Vincent Nguyen “Growing up in Silicon Valley has allowed me to be in contact with the production of […]