A show that lived long and prospered

February 27, 2015 – Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83. He will be immortalized for his role as Spock in Star Trek , a series that debuted In 1966 that will have a lasting impact on human civilization. The series was known as a technologically advanced, science-fiction television show. It contained pieces of technology that have sparked the imaginations of thousands of fans and have even led to some of the most fascinating technology of the decade. Gadgets featured among this technology include the famous communicator, a small, hand-held audiodevice that enabled someone stationed at a planet’s … Continue reading A show that lived long and prospered

Sixteen years of laughter and controversy

“Last night I was perusing the Internet, and uhh, I guess my question to you is – did I die?” This was Jon Stewart’s response to the innumerable lamentations and fervent attestments to his legacy that heartbroken fans filled the Internet with after hearing his announcement that he would be leaving The Daily Show this summer. The announcement of Jon Stewart retiring from his post as the host of The Daily Show seems to signal the end of an era when America trusted late night news and talk shows as a source of both entertainment and information. Following a taping … Continue reading Sixteen years of laughter and controversy

A glaring lack of diversity

What we see, hear, and read on television, radio, newspapers, and in movies greatly influences our attitudes towards different ethnic backgrounds. However, the depictions of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans in different entertainment mediums show more of the negative stereotypes, making them almost comical to the spectators. The lack of diversity in the media impacts how stories are covered and limits opportunities for ethnic minorities in this profession. “Our society is said to be progressing to a more accepting nation, where we no longer see white males as superior to the rest of the nation’s people. However, if … Continue reading A glaring lack of diversity

Athlete of the Month: Captain Jack Newton leads his team to a championship despite medical circumstances

Tweeeeettttttt. That’s the game. The Chargers and Mt. Pleasant have just tied the Central Coast Section (CCS) Division II championship, making them both co- champions. Neither team is particularly pleased with the result, but every player that came off the field holds their heads high, knowing that they accomplished something that very few people will ever get to boast in their lifetime. However, Jack Newton, ’15, has never seemed focused on the championship. Although the captain goes through and congratulates the squad, his mind seems elsewhere. It is now that Newton flashes back to a week prior. “Come on boys! Let’s get this goal!” Newton lines up his team for the corner kick. It’s the CCS … Continue reading Athlete of the Month: Captain Jack Newton leads his team to a championship despite medical circumstances