Top 5 places to work at in the Bay Area

5. Blaze Pizza – This brand new pizzeria not only offers a nice dining experience for the customer, but also provides a variety of options and perks for their employees, making it a popular destination for students seeking a good work environment. 4. AMC Theaters – Discounted food, free movie tickets and flexible hours make working at this movie theater appealing for those seeking a part-time job. 3. Chipotle – For what many call a fast food restaurant, Chipotle offers some of the best perks, ranging from paid holidays to – you thought right – free burritos. 2. Sweet Rendezvous … Continue reading Top 5 places to work at in the Bay Area

Part-time jobs: a balancing act

With a constantly rising college tuition and an increasing burden on parents to help pay for their children’s education, job searching has become increasingly common for high school students. Especially for those preparing to attend college in the fall, an extra source of income can help cover at least part of hefty education costs. “I got my job because as a senior, I felt that I should start becoming responsible. In a year, I’ll be starting college, which means paying for a lot of expenses. I think having a job has taught me how to spend more responsibly,” Senior Andrea … Continue reading Part-time jobs: a balancing act

The lip challenge: plumping up to perfection

From inhaling a spoonful of ground cinnamon to devouring saltine crackers under a minute, the newest trend among teenagers has resulted in dangerous amounts of swelling and bruising as well as significant pain: the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. Recently, teenagers across the nation began using shot glasses to artificially plump up their lips to resemble those of the 17-year-old reality television personality, Kylie Jenner. Many teenagers are purposely plumping their lips for the sole purpose of looking like Jenner while ignoring the harmful side effects. Many teens have taken up the challenge by placing their lips in a shot glass … Continue reading The lip challenge: plumping up to perfection

Obama channels his inner comedian

President Barack Obama has had his fill of criticism. As the first African-American President, Obama has faced accusations of being a Muslim terrorist as well as being a Kenyan simply due to his complexion. In his 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Obama finally felt at ease to address the charges pressed upon him with sarcastic wit, noting that while he may not be white, at least his color is natural, unlike Senator John Boehner’s “orange glow.” Accompanied by comedian Keegan-Michael Key, Obama took the humor of his speech to the next level. Key played the role of Luther, Obama’s “anger … Continue reading Obama channels his inner comedian