Have the presidential debates become entertainment?

The very first televised debate took place in 1960 between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. That debate helped Kennedy turn the political winds in his favor. He arrived looking confident and strong, while Nixon, who was ill and had just been released from the hospital, was unable to appeal to viewers. In 2016, televised debates are also playing a significant role especially in the Republican primaries, which started out as an incredibly crowded race where every percentage point and every second of speaking time counted. It is easy to think of the presidential debates as little more than entertainment … Continue reading Have the presidential debates become entertainment?

Opinions Column: An Odd Sandwich

From walking out a sandwich shop with a distressingly odd combination of toppings to quietly accepting a bad haircut or habitually saying sorry when others bumped into me, I am not one to confront others about less significant issues, even when these initially small cases often accumulate into a bad day.          Yet I am far from alone. Following a questioning of 60 CEOs about issues such as their three worst features, The Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway concluded from the ways they answered that even our bosses and leaders tend to avoid conflict, calling this action one of … Continue reading Opinions Column: An Odd Sandwich

The city America forgot

The news outlet FiveThirtyEight recently named the city of San Jose, also known as the Capital of Silicon Valley, the “most forgettable major American city.” Nearly half a million people have taken an online Sporcle quiz asking them to list the 100 most populous cities in the U.S. One in three people did not place San Jose, the 10th largest U.S. city, on their list.   A possible reason for San Jose’s “forget-ability” is that  it must compete with the bigger cities surrounding it, such as San Francisco and Oakland. These metropolises are more densely populated and have larger downtown … Continue reading The city America forgot

Benefits of Therapy Animals

Increasingly, animals are being used in the medical field as companions and healers for those suffering from health problems ranging from cancer to heart disease to stress.   For example, six-year old Iris Grace Halmshaw and two-year old Thula are like sisters. They go on adventures, play with toys and take baths together. Wherever Iris goes, Thula follows. They sound like the best of friends—strikingly, there is only one difference. Iris is a child diagnosed with autism spectrum, and Thula is her therapy cat.   Therapy pets are becoming a vital tool in the successful treatment of these conditions, used … Continue reading Benefits of Therapy Animals