The Chargers’ comprehensive guide to the school’s new guidance staff

The Charger Account interviewed 9th Grade Counselor Jill Riebow and College Advisor Emily Strain. What are some things students can go to you for? Riebow: Being an academic counselor, mostly academically based things. Students can see us for grades, or if they are struggling in class. They can also see me for anything related to college, career readiness, and testing (such as questions on SAT). If they are having any other issues, they can visit me, and we can make referrals out to the Almaden Valley Counseling Services on campus. Strain: Students can come to me for any questions with college applications, research … Continue reading The Chargers’ comprehensive guide to the school’s new guidance staff

Four faces: Introducing the 50th anniversary administration team

Principal Brad Craycroft What are your responsibilities as the principal? Everything. I am in charge of whatever needs to be done with regards to students’ safety, making sure things are running smoothly and ensuring that classroom activities are effective. How did you know you wanted a career in education? I started thinking about being a teacher when I was a Resident Advisor at UC Davis in my third year. I was an English major, and I started working with students coming into the dorms, organizing activities, helping them through things they were struggling with and advising them in academics. All those … Continue reading Four faces: Introducing the 50th anniversary administration team

Welcoming the new teachers of 2016

Fernando Ramirez Fernando Ramirez, Athletic Department, is a new freshman gym teacher, who previously worked as a fitness instructor at various gyms in the South Bay. He began his career in education as a substitute teacher, and soon realized his passion for involving young people in fitness. He plans to create a fitness program for the school’s gym department to track students’ health and fitness. “The great values and high expectations held by this school make for a great teaching experience,” Ramirez said.   John Mackey John Mackey, Special Education Department, is a new teacher and assistant coach for the … Continue reading Welcoming the new teachers of 2016

Top five promising startups

5. Navdy: Founded in 2013 by Doug Simpson and Karl Guttag, Navdy is a virtual projector that displays road directions and a map onto the windshield of a car, in addition to music playlists, phone calls and text messages. This invention was created to help prevent collisions by stopping drivers from looking at their smartphones for directions. With $30 million of funding from Upfront Ventures and a handful of investors, Navdy promises to better the future of driving. 4. HackerOne: HackerOne is an initiative that hires hackers to find holes in the firewalls of companies. The hacker is paid 20 … Continue reading Top five promising startups

90 percent of startups fail: what sets the successful ten percent apart

According to Forbes magazine, nine out of ten startups fail to succeed as business ventures. This poses a critical question toward the nature of successful startups: what differences determine whether a business will fall flat or develop into monopolies? Neil Patrick, co-founder of Crazy Egg, a web page monitoring site, firmly supports that the rapid growth of a startup in its early stages is crucial to its financial success in the future. Fast development of a product and continuous calls from potential sponsors constitutes the rapid development of these startups. Once a company gets the ball rolling, obstacles such as … Continue reading 90 percent of startups fail: what sets the successful ten percent apart

Silicon Valley and startups: the symbiosis of success

Since Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak developed the first personal computer in their garage, startup companies have proliferated in the Silicon Valley, which has become one of the most prominent starting grounds for potentially new, game-changing startups. Technology has consistently been an identifying factor of Silicon Valley—its economy revolves around products such as microcomputers, integrated chips, and internet services such as social media and computational software. Many big-name companies such as Netflix, an online video streaming streaming service; Facebook, which singlehandedly defined modern social media; Google, a popular search engine which also hosts a widely used email, web browser and … Continue reading Silicon Valley and startups: the symbiosis of success

Corporate Censorship

40 years ago, Associated Press photographer Nick Ut published a chilling photo that demonstrated the horrors of chemical warfare; the photograph, titled “The Napalm Girl,” depicts nine-year-old Kim Phuc, ripping off her burning clothes while fleeing a napalm bombing. In 1973, this photo won a Pulitzer Prize. In 2016, Facebook moderators claimed it was a violation of their terms and conditions. Users who had shared the photo in honor of the Vietnam War found that their posts had mysteriously disappeared from their Facebook feeds. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg took to her keyboard after her own post was deleted, arguing … Continue reading Corporate Censorship